Our grants for music students at college level


  • Music scholarships are only awarded for the upcoming semester, not the current one.
  • Usually awarded in the range of 10,000 – 20,000 kronor.
  • Primarily given to instrumentalists and singers.
  • Not awarded retroactively, meaning funds are not given for already completed studies.
  • May be prioritized for students who have exhausted the ability to obtain CSN funds.
  • Application Procedure

  • A personally formatted letter with a brief presentation of the applicant and their current study situation (max 1 A4 page).
  • If the ability to obtain CSN funds has been exhausted, the applicant should prove this.
  • Financial statement/budget regarding the applicant (max 1 A4 page).
  • Two referred referents with phone numbers (see application form).
  • Questions and Answers

    What are referents?

    We primarily mean a teacher to the applicant.

    What is meant by a financial statement?

    The applicant accounts for income and expenses. Some make a monthly compilation, others compile income/expenses for the entire year. Both options are acceptable. It is important to report any scholarships received from elsewhere during the year.

    How large a scholarship amount can I apply for?

    We have no limit on how large an amount can be applied for, but we usually grant scholarships in the order of 10,000 – 20,000 kr. It happens that the applicant has received a higher amount than this, usually when they are further along in their education and perhaps have exhausted the opportunity for CSN loans.

    I need to buy a better instrument. Can I apply for a grant for this?

    Since we are a public benefit foundation, we give scholarships for studies (education = public benefit purpose).

    How should the scholarship be accounted for?

    A brief account of study results, etc., must be submitted half a year after the scholarship has been received. The account is made online and is mandatory.

    Apply for grants

    There are two application periods, February and August. Applications can only be made during these periods. You can apply from the Applications link above.