Research concerning children and youth.

Who and for what can one apply?

Applications from doctoral students/post-doc/researchers whose work is at a high scientific level and concerning children or young people's psychosocial situation and schooling.

Questions and Answers

How large a scholarship amount can I apply for?

We give doctoral scholarships of SEK 18,000 per month and post-doc scholarships of SEK 25,000 per month.

Can I, as a researcher, apply for research grants?

We primarily award scholarships to doctoral students. Sometimes we can grant research grants. The project leader must document their merits through a certified CV, and the administrative head of the institution, or equivalent, must certify that the project is being conducted at the current institution.

What kind of support can I apply for as a doctoral student?

We award scholarships, which is a tax-free gift for education/studies.

I am a doctoral student and want to apply for your research scholarship. Which account should I specify?

You should specify your own PlusGiro/BankGiro. If none is available, you can specify your bank account number. It is important that you, as a research scholarship applicant, do not specify the research institute's BankGiro/PlusGiro as the research scholarships do not cover the so-called overhead costs of research institutions.

I and research colleagues want to go to a conference. Can I apply for a grant for this?

We very rarely grant funds for conference trips.

Do research scholarships and research grants need to be accounted for?

Yes, we desire a brief account of the project's results after the project is completed. The report is submitted here on our website under the Contact tab.

Apply for research grant

There are two application periods, February and August. Applications can only be made during these periods. You can apply from the Applications link above.